Our Jack Ride Cycling Adventure in Collingwood for Youth Mental Health

Wednesday Jun 09th, 2021


On May 29, 2021, I saddled up with Suzie Hogarth and we headed out for a 90km cycle in Collingwood to raise money for jack.org. Jack.org trains and empowers young leaders to revolutionize mental health. Susan Toyne, whom I work closely with, encouraged me to get involved, and as part of Team Sotheby’s, I raised over $3,000 thanks to the generosity of my friends.

90km Cycling Route

As we headed out, it was THE perfect day for cycling.  It was chilly - only around 10 degrees, but the sky was deep blue and the sun was shining bright.

We started out by climbing Grey Rd. 19 which has a great bike lane.  From the base of the mountain, it’s a 300 metre climb to the top which takes about 50 minutes.  Along the way, we had a chain fall off and a few hard-core riders whiz by.  We passed by Castle Glen, a great community at the top of the escarpment overlooking Collingwood and Georgian Bay.

Great Bike Lanes in Collingwood, Headed up Grey Rd. 19
Great Bike Lanes in Collingwood, Headed up Grey Rd. 19
Passing by Castle Glen Estates, Spectacular Views of Georgian Bay
Passing by Castle Glen Estates, Spectacular Views of Georgian Bay

After reaching the top and heading south on Highway 2, we cycled by Kolapore Uplands which has epic cross-country and hiking trails, and then made our way to Rob Roy. Along this leg of the trip, it was my turn to loose a chain and I fell, which as anyone who’s been clipped in knows, is an unsettling experience! Fortunately I only sprained (or broke) my baby finger and road warriors that we are, we forged ahead.

Passing by Kolapore Uplands, Known for Cross-Country and Hiking

Rob Roy, Don’t Blink or You’ll Miss It

From Rob Roy we headed South to Badjeros on Highway 63. Along this 15km leg, we encountered more classic Collingwood scenery which included passing by Mennonite farms and giant wind turbines. Very little traffic as usual - a cyclist’s dream!

Mennonite Country

Wind Turbines

At Badjeros, we turned east through Maple Valley, along the Noisy River and into Creemore for a quick pit stop. As you move from farmland back into residential, there are some beautiful homes along the route.

No Traffic

Recently Tilled Field


Cycling Along Side the Madd River, Great Homes Along the Way

Creemore Bakery, I Highly Recommend the Lemon Brioche!

After enjoying our lunch in Creemore with many other cyclists outside, we cycled the final 30 km back to Collingwood. More beauty with the Georgian Bay straight ahead and the Escarpment to the west.

Georgian Bay Straight Ahead, We’re Coming Home

Escarpment to the West

For those of you who are into outdoor activities, particularly cycling, Collingwood is one of the best locations in Ontario. Bike lanes are everywhere and the scenery is spectacular. In addition, cycling is a thriving industry in Collingwood and drivers are generally very accommodating when passing by.

I chose to be a Realtor in this neck of the woods because of the community, the outdoors, and the lifestyle! I highly recommend it and would be honoured to show you around!

About the Author
Craig Rennick is a Sales Representative of Sotheby’s International Realty Canada, Brokerage, and a member of The Toyne Team.   He lives in Collingwood and recently renovated their family cottage on Good Cheer Island in the Sans Souci area of Georgian Bay.